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Elephant-sized thank yous to our sponsors:





Linda Gibboney


Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner



O'Melveny & Myers

Law Firm


The Bob Hope Legacy Foundation

Linda Hope

Nancy Malone



Project OneSong

Kevin & Susan McCourt Productions

Kid's Cook Classroom

Chef Robin Krause

A school garden and cooking program for your community.


Katia Bagatta



The Lapides Foundation

Beckie Brocies

Tanya Petrova:

Vegan Chef,

Coach & Cooking Entertainer




Special Acknowledgements:

Nancy Burnet, Founder/Director, United Activists for Animal Rights

Kat Kramer Productions


Doriana Sanchez

Jorja Fox

The Stanley Kramer Memorial Library

Patty Shenker

Nathalie Gaulthier Productions

Robert Gelman and Laura Posada

Boys and Girls Club

Los Angeles Police Department: Police Athetic League, Jeopardy Program and LAPD Cadets

Voice for the Animals

Catherine Doyle

Animal Defenders International

The Silhouettes






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